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Breaking through barriers to new therapeutics for brain disease

The nervous and immune systems are completely integrated in health and in disease. MindImmune is turning this insight into novel therapeutics targeting the immune system to treat brain disease.

Our Flagship Program for Alzheimer’s Disease

MindImmune has made a fundamental discovery that implicates the peripheral immune system in the pathology of Alzheimer’s disease. We are developing a novel therapeutic antibody that blocks the immune attack on the brain to ‘nip Alzheimer’s disease in the blood’.

MindImmune scientists bring the experience and know-how from over a century in drug discovery to developing their breakthrough therapeutics for brain disease.

MindImmune synthesizes deep knowledge of the nervous system and the immune system to create its facile drug discovery platform.

MindImmune Therapeutics Announces
$12.4 million Series A Financing

Investors participating in the round include Dolby Family Ventures, Pfizer Ventures, the Alzheimer’s Drug Discovery Foundation (ADDF), Trend Venture, RightHill Ventures (an affiliate of the Slater Technology Fund) and several private investors.