Innovation Vouchers awarded to six companies by Commerce RI


Innovation Vouchers awarded to six companies by Commerce RI



Posted: Tuesday, November 22, 2016 10:48 am

PROVIDENCE – Six companies will share more than $275,000 through the next round of Innovation Voucher awards to leverage research and development partnerships with local universities or institutions: Aquanis LLC, MindImmune Therapeutics Inc., NanoSoft LLC, ProThera Biologics Inc., PowerDocks LLC and Videology Imaging Solutions Inc.

The awards, which represent part of $1.5 million allocated for the grant program, were approved by Gov. Gina M. Raimondo and the board of the R.I. Commerce Corp. at its meeting Monday night.

“When local companies are better able to partner with our universities, they can produce discoveries and advancements in science, technology, medicine and countless other fields that have the potential to grow jobs, strengthen our state, and build an innovation economy we can all be proud of,” Raimondo said in a statement.

Here are details about the latest award recipients and their projects:

  • Aquanis of North Kingstown is partnering with the Brown University Center for Computing and Visualization to develop an active flow control system that will improve the efficiency and extend the service life of wind turbines, leading to a reduction in the cost of wind energy. In the proposed project, the customized simulation software developed by Brown University researchers will provide information in the development, field trials and commercial deployment of Aquanis systems in the wind energy market.
  • MindImmune Therapeutics in South Kingstown will work with the Comparative Biology Resources Center at the University of Rhode Island on new therapies for treating Alzheimer’s disease. The goal is to conduct testing of therapeutics to identify candidate drugs that can move into a clinical trial.
  • Narragansett’s NanoSoft and URI’s Department of Mechanical, Industrial and Systems Engineering will partner to develop a prototype of their nanomaterial imaging technology with an improved control system and mechanical design that can be used in a lab setting to create enhanced fluid-based nanomaterial samples, providing insight for integration into products such as pharmaceuticals, consumer goods and chemicals.
  • ProThera Biologics of Providence will work with intensive care unit patients at Rhode Island Hospital diagnosed with severe pneumonia to study the blood levels of inter-alpha inhibitor proteins. This project will support the planned clinical trials of inter-alpha inhibitor proteins replacement therapy to treat patients with life-threatening diseases.
  • PowerDocks in Newport is working with Roger Williams University to integrate customized wireless charging functionality into micro-grid platforms. This will expand this product’s application to charging Unmanned Air Vehicles and Autonomous Underwater Vehicles for multiple industry markets.
  • Videology Imaging Solutions of the Greenville section of Smithfield and Brown University will partner to explore biometrics imaging of the human iris with the ultimate goal of implementing iris feature extraction algorithms into its newest cameras. This will produce standard compliant images for biometric/iris analysis for cameras for government, defense, banking and medical applications.



By Kate Bramson

Journal Staff Writer

Posted Nov 22, 2016 at 7:38 PM

R.I. Commerce Corporation funds programs

The Rhode Island Commerce Corporation on Monday approved several initiatives regarding education, tourism and research.


—The board approved $279,368 in Innovation Voucher grants to help small companies buy research and development help from a university, research center or medical center. Companies are eligible for grants of up to $50,000.

The six winners are:

Aquanis, LLC, of North Kingstown: $50,000. With the Brown University Center for Computing and Visualization, the clean technology/wind energy company is seeking ways to improve the efficiency and extend the life of wind turbines.

MindImmune Therapeutics Inc., of South Kingstown: $50,000. With the University of Rhode Island’s Comparative Biology Resources Center, the biomedical/pharmaceuticals company is seeking ways to advance its discovery of new treatment therapies for Alzheimer’s disease.

NanoSoft, LLC, of Narragansett: $49,814. With URI’s department of mechanical, industrial and systems engineering, the nanotechnology/advanced manufacturing firm seeks to develop a prototype of its technology to improve imaging analysis of nanomaterials.

PowerDocks, LLC, of Newport: $29,554. With Roger Williams University’s School of Engineering, Computing and Construction Management, the clean technology/renewable energy solar firm is working to integrate customized wireless charging functionality to charge unmanned air vehicles and autonomous underwater vehicles.

ProThera Biologics Inc., of Providence: $50,000. With Rhode Island Hospital’s Division of Critical Care, Pulmonary and Sleep Medicine, the biomedical/pharmaceuticals company will use patients with severe pneumonia to study protein levels and help the firm’s planned clinical trials.

Videology Imaging Solutions Inc., of Smithfield: $50,000. With Brown’s Computer Engineering and Scalable Computing Systems Lab, the firm will expand its current line of cameras for government, defense, banking and medical applications by incorporating biometrics imaging of the human iris.



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